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Working hours:
Mon-Fri / 09:00 - 18:00
Cancer treatment with Radiation Therapy in Russia
State of the art technology and international standards
A team of highly qualified medical professionals
with years of experience and training in the US and the EU
60-80% lower prices than in the EU
Multimodal treatment approach by leading Russian oncologists
“Second Opinion”

OncoStop Radiotherapy center

Our center was established in 2011 and more than 5000 patients have been treated here ever since

State-of-the-art medical equipment

60-80% lower prices than in the EU

Our doctors were trained in the USA and the EU

Complete diagnostic workup and provision of medical consultation services
"Second opinion"

We use a multimodal approach to cancer treatment

No waiting lists

Treatment efficiency up to 96%

Patient Stories

Anastasia/20, Moscow

My dad has applied to OncoStop when he gave up on finding an adequate treatment for me. I used to faint, suffer from headaches, I even couldn’t speak normally. The doctors examined me and assigned radiation therapy with the CyberKnife unit. After the procedure that took five days the metastases decreased from 2.5 cm to 1.8 cm. Now I am continuing the treatment and feeling better every day. I finally have hope that I can live like a young student rather than a dying person.

Raisa/58, Vidnoe

I was first diagnosed with cancer in 2005, in 2014 metastasis in my sacrum was found, so I went through standard irradiation and 20 courses of chemotherapy. After decreasing of the tumor growth resumed, however surgical treatment was not prescribed. I sought assistance in other clinics of Russia but was rejected everywhere, and they all tried to scare me away by a possibility of further complications. Then I contacted OncoStop and received their consent for treatment!
Irradiation with CyberKnife allowed to remove the tumor without the need for surgery, incisions, anesthesia and a long rehabilitation period.
I’m glad for Russia, because now the new level of medical care can be received here without having to travel abroad.

Yuri Alekseevich/33, Balashikha

In 1999 I was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma. 9 courses of chemotherapy and at least 4 courses of irradiation were prescribed, it was very difficult. On top of that, metastases in my lungs appeared shortly after. For some time it seemed that cancer was defeated, I had remission that lasted many years. But then metastases in my lungs appeared again. I will not describe all the suffering I went through but it became much easier to live only when my doctor advised CyberKnife. I will only say that I returned to my work right away after the treatment. There were no complications, the tumor was completely eliminated and I returned to normal life.

Irina/43, Sergiyev Posad

Before OncoStop I had suffered a lot… I had two cavernous surgeries to remove the acoustic neuroma… then this sore appeared again… my hope to recover waned too fast but then my doctor advised CyberKnife treatment.
I want to tell you that it was a kind of magic! The OncoStop professionals did the job perfectly, their attitude was excellent. These people returned me my faith in life and future. I want to give my special thanks to my doctor Svetlana Andreevna.

Nikolay/30, Kostroma

In September of 2014 I was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer, stage 4B. I received chemotherapy, then chemoradiotherapy, everything was fine and in May of 2015 I started to rehabilitate. I live in Kostroma, a beautiful, old small town. And it turned out that a tiny piece of the tumor remained in my body and led to a chiasma-sellar tumor.

I was treated in the OncoStop center in September of 2015, their staff was superb. Many thanks to the doctors and all the staff of this clinic!!!!!!!

Elena/34, St. Petersburg

My diagnosis was an adenocystic carcinoma of the lacrimal gland. The problem appeared long ago, in the recent years I went through two orbitotomies and radiotherapy. By the time when I came to OncoStop I had three tumors, with the largest one in a hard-to-reach place. Also there was one formation on my frontal bone. A surgical operation would not have helped but in this center I was cured without any surgery! It took me two months to forget about the disease, begin to live and think about the future, or even plainly dream! Thank you very much!!!

Dmitriy/27, Arkhangelsk

I am writing on behalf of my mom. She really wants to thank the doctors but she doesn’t know how to use the Internet, but in real life she tells everybody everywhere how they helped her. She was diagnosed with cancer of the mucous membranes of nasal cavity, but the scariest part was this. It was necessary to amputate her upper jaw and her right eye – a half of her face in fact. Imagine my mother’s happiness when we found an alternative treatment! CyberKnife in the OncoStop clinic! Dear doctors, you really saved my mother and helped her to believe that she will always be beautiful! We bow down before you! My mom has recovered and I’ve understood that we can get an affordable price treatment with superb modern technologies in Russia.

Maksim/48, Lipetsk

My niece has recovered thanks to the doctors at the OncoStop center! There are no words to express the joy that is to see a young woman who can enjoy life. Your clinic is a true miracle!

Stepan/52, Voronezh

I was treated with CyberKnife a couple of years ago when not everyone knew about this technique. Now I can safely say that this treatment has been effective. The staff coped with their job very well! The attitude in the clinic was great, I am especially grateful to A.V. Nazarenko.

Lilia/31, Krasnodar

I want to thank every OncoStop doctor from the bottom of my heart for all the good things they do! Thank you for saving my sister from breast cancer without surgical intervention. If you only knew how scared she was of surgery but you helped her to preserve her beauty and attractiveness. And if somebody is afraid and can’t decide to apply – you’re making a big mistake! CyberKnife in OncoStop works wonders! I saw them by myself!

All information provided on the website is used exclusively with the consent of our patients.

Our specialists

Sholohov Vladimir
Ultrasound doctor
MD, 36 years of experience.
Rafael Fayzullin
Medical physicist, PhD
Work experience over 4 years.
Julia Klochkova
Senior radiation therapist
Work experience over 23 years.
Antonina Blokhina
Head of the Medical Administration Department
Graduated from the Social-Economic Institute, majoring in "Organization Management"

Our team was trained
in the US and the EU

We speak English fluently

We constantly perfect
the skills of our doctors

We treat every patient according to international standards

The Treatment Process

Determination of a treatment strategy
Visualization of the treatment site
Treatment planning:
Tumor delineation and dose calculation
Radiation treatment
Administration of radiation therapy according to the treatment plan

If necessary, we can provide the patient with a complete diagnostic workup and any relevant medical services

Treatment cost


/ 5

A course of stereotactic radiation therapy for intracranial lesions with the Cyberknife Radiosurgery System

from 2 000 to 3 600 Euro

A course of stereotactic radiation therapy for extracranial lesions with the Cyberknife Radiosurgery System

from 3 900 to 5 500 Euro

Consultation with the oncologist and diagnostic workup

from 50 to 300 Euro

If it will be necessary, we can provide a patient with complete examination and all related medical services required

Photo gallery

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Within a few hours our coordinator will contact you directly to specify and discuss all the necessary details.
After receiving all the information required we will provide you with a preliminary treatment program, program cost and other details.
Our medical administrator will assist you with drawing up all the necessary documents, as part of your preparation for your visit to Russia for treatment.

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We guarantee a full safety of your personal data: your contact details will never be shared with any third party.
qualified medical
patients have already
received treatment services
therapy efficiency
times cheaper
than in Europe

How to plan your trip

We provide a complex treatment solutuions in Russia
Assistance with your visa application, as well as interpreting and translation services for the duration of your treatment and your stay in Russia
Assistance with flight tickets purchasing, airport meet & greet service, as well as transportation services between our Center and the hotel of your choise. (We operate in collaboration with various travel agencies)
For patients with limited mobility we provide individual escort service and special transport
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Working hours: Mon-Fri / 09:00 - 18:00

Address: 115478, Russia, Moscow, Kashirskoe highway, 23, bldg 4

Our Center is located on the premised of the RCRC - the world’s largest Cancer Research Center.